Self-correcting process

Inquiry is a self-correcting process, at least to the extent I am receptive to find what I haven’t found before.

I have thoughts about my facilitator. She should give me more time. She doesn’t follow the simple instructions. She comments. She should pay attention. She explains too much. She should be on time for our appointment.

I have thoughts about the process. It doesn’t work. It doesn’t work for me. It doesn’t go deep enough. 

I have thoughts about how I am as a client or facilitator. I need to do it right. I need her to like me. She should see me as insightful. She won’t like me if I do this thought. I can’t do inquiry on this thought. I need to be a good facilitator. She won’t like me if I bring us back to the process. She needs my encouragement. She needs my help.

And when I identify and inquire into these thoughts, I see that I find my own guidance. I find that the most kind, wise and precise advice for myself is already right here.


– the work, self-correcting process
– have thoughts about the facilitator, the process, how I should answer etc., question, and find my own guidance

– e.g. she should pay attention –> I should pay attention,

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