Tension and beliefs

I notice for myself that tension in my body supports and makes beliefs possible. Through tensing up parts of my body, I create the conditions for believing a thought. I see this especially well through TRE.

And beliefs leads to tension. They lead to stress, bracing myself, and physical tension. I explore these dynamics through answering question #3 in The Work – What happens, how do you react, when you believe that thought?

A military stance and marching is a good illustration of how making our body tense and rigid, and reduce feelings, makes it possible to mindlessly follow orders and temporarily set our individuality and natural kindness and wisdom aside.

So when I notice physical tension, I can shift into noticing that this is already allowed. There is a noticing of what it already happens within and as. And that releases some of the identification out of the beliefs that goes with this tension. I can also find the beliefs behind the tension, write them down, and take them to inquiry.

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