It’s all life

It’s all life.

Any experience.

Even the sense of I and the absence of a sense of I.

It’s life creating an image of an I and me,

and temporarily identifying as it.

And then not, and then identifying as it again.

It’s the play of life.

And it’s quite beautiful.

When this is seen, there is a sense of transparency.

Even when there is identification, that too is recognized as the play of life.

There is no substantial, final or absolute truth in the appearance of being a me or an I.

– 0 –

There is a sense of I.

Is it true there is identification as it?

Is it true there is identification? 

– 0 –


The word life here is interchangeable with any other word pointing to what’s here, what it all is, the ocean.

Spirit, the Divine, God, Godess, consciousness, Brahman, Big Mind etc. are all fine too.

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