Going to the clearest or most confused parts of me

There seems to be a natural cycle between relative clarity and relative confusion (wounds, beliefs).

One surfaces, then the other, and there is a mutuality between them. They inform each other.

Clarity informs confusion, there is an invitation for it to align with reality.

Confusion informs clarity, there is an invitation for it to become more clear.

And both may happen through some form of investigation and inquiry.

Confusion (wounds, beliefs) surface, and I can (a) open to the experience, feelings, allow them their life, and (b) identify and inquire into the beliefs behind it. In this way, clarity informs confusion. There is an invitation for it to align more with reality. And in the same process, clarity can become even more clear. It may learn something. Find clarity on different thoughts.  Discover something new. Confusion informs clarity.

I notice how these cycles happens at different levels of intensity and different time spans. Over minutes, hours or days, there are shifts between confusion and clarity. And over weeks, months and years, it’s the same. For years, there was relative clarity, and then relative confusion. (For me, this took the form of illumination and dark night.)

And, as mentioned above, when there is an opening to the experience of confusion, and inquiry into the beliefs behind it, then confusion and clarity coexists and inform each other.

Note: This is similar to the figure-eight Barry and Karen sometimes talk about. It may be just another way of talking about it.


– in daily life, go to the clearest, practical reasons
– in inquiry, tre etc. – sometimes go to the most confused (#3)
– and sometimes to the more clear (#4, TAs)
– and life will bring up one or the other as well, situations trigger confusion (beliefs, wounds), and different phases of life may bring up one or the other more strongly
– natural cycles, phases, one leads into the other

– cycle between (relative) clarity and (relative) confusion (wounds, beliefs)
– one informs the others, mutuality of clarity and confusion
– clarity informs confusion, invitation for it to realign w. reality (through investigation, inquiry)
– confusion informs clarity, invitation for becoming more clear (through investigation, inquiry)


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