Inquiry: There is spiritual evolution

There is spiritual evolution. 

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Is it true?


What happens, how do you react, when you believe that thought? 

I take it as true.

I take spiritual evolution as inherent in reality, a given, not to be questioned.

I feel protective of the idea.

I think I know, others don’t.

I see myself as superior for knowing it.

I spend energy propping up the idea in my mind and in conversations with others.

I seek out people/writers who agree.

I feel it makes me safe, secure.

I tell myself I know something that makes me more safe, secure.

I experience stress, discomfort.

I know others may see it differently.

Others may see something I don’t.

Holding onto this thought feels stressful and precarious.

It requires time and energy to hold up, support.

How I relate to myself: 

I think it’s better to be higher up rather than lower.

I want to be higher up, on the leading edge of Spiritual evolution.

I compare myself with maps.

I feel a bit desperate.


When I talk to someone disagreeing:

I feel defensive, hurt, want to convince myself and the other.

When I talk with someone agreeing:

I experience relief, I think we are both getting it.

I see us as on the same side.

Who would you be without that thought? 

Free around it.

Curious to explore any sides of the topic.

Interested in all sides of it.

I relate to it lightly.

How I relate to myself: 

I am at peace with where I am, as I am.

When I am with someone disagreeing:

I listen. Interested in finding the validity in what she says. Friendly. Connected.


There is me evolution.

There was a time when I took the idea of spiritual evolution as true. In recognizing it as an image, I have evolved.

I have evolved in how I relate to thoughts. I took some as unquestionably true, no I don’t so much.

(Although some still comes up for inquiry.)

There is no spiritual evolution.

I cannot find spiritual evolution outside of my images of it – my images of a map, data, people supporting it.

I don’t know.

There is spiritual devolution.

When I take this story as true, I blind myself, and that’s spiritual devolution for myself.

I take an image and think what it tells me is inherent in reality.

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