Relating to emotions

Even with such an apparently simple topic as thought and emotions, there are many layers.

Emotions may be triggered by beliefs, even if these beliefs may appear to held mostly at an emotional level and we don’t consciously believe them.

And then there is how I relate to emotions, and this too comes from beliefs. Emotions just are, they live their life, and that’s more than fine. It’s thoughts that make them appear good or bad, difficult or easy, overwhelming or pleasant, when these thoughts are held as true. Here are some of these beliefs I notice for myself:

Its a bad/unpleasant emotion. I feel worse. I feel better. It’s possible to feel worse / better.

It’s fear. (Anger, sadness, grief etc.)

It reflects reality. (My stories – triggering the emotion, about the emotion- reflect reality.)

It means something terrible has happened / will happen. (Has – sadness, grief; will – fear.)

Its too much / overwhelming. I cannot be with this emotion / experience.

Its easier / better to avoid it. It will be worse if i allow / meet it.

Whats here is not OK. Another experience is better.

This is not God’s will / love. This is not kindness. (This emotion.)

This emotion / experience is not already allowed.

I should be further along. (More clear, mature, healed.)

Through investigating these thoughts, from a specific situation, I may find that the drama, turmoil and unpleasantness is not inherent in the emotion itself, as it appeared at first, but in how it’s met and related to. When thoughts says it’s a bad emotion, or unpleasant, or means something terrible has happened, I create discomfort for myself. And when there is more clarity on these thoughts, the emotion is allowed it’s life, it’s met as a friend, it’s even welcomed, it may be met with love. And in that, there is peace, there is a sense of coming home.

And that – it seems – goes for any experience, including the ones that appear very basic and bodily such as hunger, tiredness, and physical pain.

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