Statements for inquiry: I’m doing it wrong etc.

I’m doing it wrong. I need you to love me. Something’s very wrong with me. I should fix this. I’m broken. Other people have it right. My life has no purpose. I need to be good at it. No one cares about me. I can’t measure up. My heart is broken. I’m missing out. I hurt so much. I deserve to be punished. I need to be more confidant. I mustn’t be too full of myself. I squandered my opportunities. I’m a fraud. I need to work harder. I want chocolate. I want sex. I need a drink. I need to stop hurting. I have failed my children. My life is a mess. My life is inadequate. There’s no hope for me. There’s too much to do. If I had a partner I’d be happy. If I had more money I’d be happy. If I was thinner I’d be happy. I don’t deserve to be happy.

Statements for inquiry from Judy C. on Facebook. For each of these, I can find a specific situation where I had that thought, write a JYN on someone else, and see what I find when I take it to inquiry.


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