Trusting life and love

What I wish for is very complex when projected out there in the world, and it becomes increasingly simple as I trace it back to its essence.

Somewhere along the way to the most basic, I find trusting life and love. And I notice some fears surfacing when I consider trusting life and love in all situations and areas of life.

Trusting life, for me, comes up in three areas: (a) Trusting what is, as it is. (b) Trusting living from my integrity. (c) Trusting living from inner guidance, the voice of my heart.

If I trust life (what is, integrity, inner guidance) what I am most afraid would happen is…..

(a) Trusting what is, as it is.

I will be passive. I won’t take care of myself.

I won’t be a victim. They won’t feel sympathy for me. They won’t understand how difficult it is.

(b) Trusting integrity.

I won’t be able to manipulate others. I won’t know what will happen. It will be too simple. My personality won’t get what it wants.

(c) Trusting inner guidance, voice of the heart.

I don’t know where it will lead. I won’t have control. My personality won’t get what it wants. He will be upset with me.

And from Shona:

If I trust life and love, I will be let down.

I will lose choice/free will.

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