Resistance is one of those words I don’t use much. It’s useful as a shorthand, and I notice I am more curious about what it really is.

When I look at what a thought may label resistance, I find something quite different from how it initially appears.

I see it comes from a set of belief, and fear. And that fear, in turn, comes from those beliefs, and perhaps also underlying and more basic beliefs.

For instance, a thought says there is resistance to opening to the discomfort that’s here.

When I look more closely, I find a set of beliefs about what may happen if I do open to the discomfort:

The discomfort will get worse. It’s too much. I will meet something terrible. Something terrible will happen. 

There is also fear, created from these and other beliefs.

And I see that it’s all innocent. It comes from a desire to protect me (an image of me as a being). It comes from pure devotion and love.

I can hold satsang with this resistance:

You are welcome here. Thank you for protecting me. Thank you for your devotion for me, your love for me.

I need your strength.

How would you like me to be with you?

What would you like to say to me? What wisdom do you have to share with me? (There is usually/always some practical wisdom there.) Thank you.

What is your deepest longing? What would satisfy you forever?

What are you really?  

 As long as I see it just as resistance, as a gestalt, and not what it’s really made up of, it tends to seem quite solid and real. And as long as I make it into an enemy, an “other”, a problem, something to fix or push away, it will always remain an “other” to me. It will stay an apparent entity, mysterious, an apparent obstacle.

And when I meet it, welcome it, find curiosity for it, find what’s really there, something shifts. I see it’s innocent. It’s an attempt to protect me. It’s love. I ask it how it would like me to be with it. I invite it to find for itself what it really is. And it’s all revealed as something quite different from how it initially appeared.


– resistance, looks quite different when take a closer look (as anything else)
– from belief, fear
– innocent, protecting, devotion & love
– made up of awakeness, presence, love etc.
– hold satsang with, welcome, ask how it would like me to be with it, listen to what it has to say, ask it what would satisfy it forever

– ex: resistance to discomfort, attention goes somewhere else, distraction, may go into stories (perhaps counteracting it), don’t open to the discomfort/look at the stories and fears behind it – all innocent, an attempt to protect me, devotion for me


Resistance is one of those words I don’t use much. It’s useful as a shorthand, and it also feels more helpful to be more precise about it.

Resistance – what is it really? When I look, I see it comes from a belief, and from fear (and that fear in turn comes from underlying assumptions). It’s innocent.

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