Barry: We all have our part in this great story

We all have our part in this great story…yours has been very intense as has been mine. Karen had great intensity early and nothing lately. I watched her go through the same process of the dark night of the soul in a few days that took me years to get through.???  We can seek and find theories and reasons and they are helpful and consoling, and in the end it is the great Mystery of God, of which we are a part.
What is important is for you to come to peace and understanding in YOUR story. Asking these questions is the start.  They will be answered.  The way it was all revealed to me is that I learned to have faith and then knowing that all questions of the heart and soul are immediately responded to in the One Mind. It is only a matter of insight in the realms of time and space for each of us in our human projection to receive the answer. This too is all in divine timing and perfect.  In fact you already know the answer but are simply waiting for the moment in the story that you long ago created and is already over in the eternal to come to you in this experience of time and space.  We are God floating in God exploring possibilities just for the sake of the experience, like a child playing in a sandbox.  Yours is one strand, or thread in this great Story, a small line or sentence within it, yet critical, integral to the Big Story.  You had to do it, to play this role or the universe would not be complete…. We all came here to explore separation, fear, doubt, pain and suffering.  It was all part of God’s experience as the individuated aspect or Soul that we are…..When God as us is done with exploring this experience it simply ends and a new story begins.  Your story is ending…Enjoy the last moments of pain, fear and separation, for when they go they shall never be known again for you in all eternity…. Love, b
– from Barry, in an email to me
And my initial email.
This is the mind trying to figure things out and find security, and it may not be very helpful, but it’s a question that keeps coming up for me.I have been in a dark night for several years now, with the last few years being very intense and dark. Why is it so dramatic for me, while it seems to be much less so for most other people? (I also realize that some have it even more intense and dramatic.) Do you have a sense of it?Is it because of childhood trauma? Karma from past lives? Praying for days at the temple in Bodh Gaya when I was 25 to reach full enlightenment in this life no matter what it would cost? Diksha screwing up my brain? Being – for some reason – extremely slow in really getting the lessons I thought I had gotten even in my late teens and early twenties (that all is God, all is good, all is love). Going against my guidance by going to and staying in Wisconsin?

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