Jeff Foster: The right place for life

Your heart is broken. You no longer feel at home. The world as you knew it is crumbling. You feel you have lost something very precious to you. Life doesn’t seem fair, kind, or right. You long to escape. To rewind to the way things were, or to fast-forward to how things could be. You feel disconnected, lonely and lost, even beyond help.

Stop. Breathe. This is exactly how things are supposed to be right now. This is life, not a violation of life. A Universe cannot go ‘wrong’. Life only goes ‘wrong’ in our thinking. Come out of the movie of past and future, time and space, and turn to meet a sacred moment, this moment, the only moment there is. Remember your presence, here and now. Feel the body pulsating. Feel the heart pounding, the chest expanding and contracting. Feel the raw life that is here, enveloping you, filling you, animating you, being you. Feel your feet on the ground. Know that the next step can only be taken from here, where you are, the true ground. Relax into never knowing what the next step will be before it is taken. Trust that you cannot trust right now. Be here. Yes, be here.

Your heart may be broken, friend, your dreams may be crumbling to dust, but you’re always in the right place for life.

– Jeff Foster

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