Scott Kiloby: What we often run from is a felt sensation

Working at the center with people, asking this question “what are you running from?” Usually the first answer is some kind of concept. But eventually, the person points at an area of the body that feels uncomfortable. In the silent resting, that part of the body seems to be “too much.” It’s good to be able to see that what we are often running from is a felt sensation. At least we know then. And for me, the remedy, if you will, is to explore that sensation, the velcro that goes with it, peeling apart the words and pictures that seem embedded into it. Once the velcro has been released, that energy doesn’t seem like a monster anymore. It can begin to dissipate or just be there without being a problem. If what we are running from comes down to this, the running can then quiet.

– Scott Kiloby on Facebook

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