Inquiry on sleepiness

As I woke up this morning, I did self-inquiry on sleepiness.

Look at the word “sleepiness”. Is that word sleepy? (No.) Is it sleepiness? (No.)

Feel the sensations. Do you see any images connected with it? (Yes, a white texture.)

Is that image sleepy? (No.) Is it sleepiness? (No.)

Feel the sensations again. Are there any images on it? (Yes, an image of something dark sinking.)

Look at that movie. Is that movie sleepy? (No.) Is it sleepiness? (No.)

Feel the sensations. Take your time with it. Are those sensations sleepy? (No.) Are they sleepiness? (No.)

And so on. I think I looked at a few more images. I found the question “is that image (or word, sensation) sleepy?” very helpful here.

As usual, the sensations may still be here, but the “velcro” is not there so much. The extra layer of shoulds and struggle, however faint it may be, is lessened or falls away.The sensation are free to be felt as sensations.

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