Jeff Foster: Sometimes things fall apart to draw your attention to That which cannot

If you’ve tried everything, and nothing is working, trust that nothing is working.

Sometimes things fall apart to draw your attention to That which cannot.

– Jeff Foster

As someone else said, what you can lose wasn’t yours in the first place.

Yes, that’s what people say, and I see too. And yet, it’s often very painful.

And it can – as it does for me now – bring up a deep layer of anger at life. Anger over all the accumulated injustice of a lifetime.

All of this is an invitation to examine what’s really going on. What do I find when I examine my assumptions?

Does life conform to my ideas of justice? Is it true that life is unjust? Is it true that what happened is unjust?

Is what’s actually happening worse than what I wanted to happen? Can I know for certain? What are some examples of the reverse?

Is this really pain? Resistance? Anger?

Am I really unable to surrender? Would it be better if I surrendered more fully?

Is there really two here, me and life, me and God? Am I a victim of life?

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