What if it never ends?

What if it never ends? (Whatever is going on that feels unpleasant.)

It’s a very good question. If I knew this would always be here, how would I want to relate to it?

Can I find peace with it? Can I find peace with what’s here? (Including the pain, the discomfort, the anger, the sadness?)

Is it true that it has to go away? Is it true it has to be different? 

Is it true I can’t find peace with it?  Is it true that it has to go away for me to find peace?

Is it true it’s not OK? Is it true it’s too much? 

A lot of our suffering is created from battling what’s here, trying to get it to go away and replace it with something else. The what if it never ends question, if taken seriously, removes the ground from that battle. And it leaves us exploring how we would want to relate to what appears unpleasant, if we knew for certain it would never end. It invites in our kindness and sanity, and invites us to be our own best friend.

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