What creates a sense of meaning?

How does my mind create a sense of meaning?

Here is how it appears to me now, as I look…….

When words and/or images combine – in my experience – with sensations, there is an appearance of meaning. The words and images appears real and true. The sensations associated, and apparently “stuck” on the words and images lend a sense of reality to the words and images.

Words and images alone are recognized as words and images, free of meaning. They can be helpful and practical pointers, but not inherently “true” or “real”, or conveying a real or solid “meaning”.

Sensations alone are recognized as sensations, free of meaning.

Only when words and images appear “stuck” to sensations do they appear real, true or conveying a real or true meaning.

And they can only appear stuck together when they are unexamined. That’s the only way there can be the appearance of a real and solid truth or meaning.




– meaning
– when words/images combine w. sensations
– words/images alone, recognized as words/images – helpful, but not “true” or “meaning”
– sensations alone – recognized as sensations, free of meaning
– only when stuck together, creates the appearance of meaning (truth, reality)



2 thoughts to “Meaning”

  1. dear barry,
    thank you so much for explicitly explaining what it is to be enlightened. the thing is there is nowhere that i can turn to understand the practicality of emptiness and you have put into words all that in simple yet profound way. god bless you. love you lots for your insights. lucky for you that your wife too is into it. god bless. namaste. christina.

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