What is reality?

There is probably no end to how far we can go in exploring this in immediate experience and through (other forms of) science. It seems that it keeps opening up and revealing itself in new ways, sometimes within our existing framework and sometimes in ways that challenges and changes – if we allow it – our most basic views and assumptions. I assume that both of these will continue for us as individuals and collectively, as long as we are around, are curious, and – at least somewhat – honest.

For me, the practical basics seem quite simple:

In immediate experience, all is consciousness (AKA awareness, awakeness). All happens within and as awareness. When I have inquired into what seems the most solid, I have found that too to be awareness. It’s a form within awareness. All the forms of I and me, others, the wider world, emotions, thoughts, identifications, situations…. it’s all happening within and as awareness.

The story of a “physical” reality is helpful and has practical use. As I inquire into this story, I find it allows me to hold it more lightly. (Including the story of a me/I in the world, living in the world, inquiring into or holding a story.)

As a practical guideline, this seems to work for me now…..

Inquiry into my immediate experience to see what’s really there, and how the world (including what appears as a me and I and mine) appears in immediacy. I can do this through the Big Mind process, the Living Inquiry, headless experiments or other forms of inquiry.

In daily life, and for practical reasons, live as if there is a world more or less as it appears to me, explore how it appears to me, and use practical wisdom to discern how to live and which guidelines to use in different situations and for different purposes. Through questioning these too, I hold them more lightly. And still use whatever stories and imagined boundaries that seem most helpful and kind in the situation I am in.


– immediate experience, all as consciousness/awareness
– story of physical reality, practical use – question that too, and hold more lightly
– question stories/examine velcro, holding it more lightly (less stress, charge, confinement)


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