Love and inquiry

I started writing about being with what’s here, and realize that doesn’t work so well for me anymore, not even as a starting point to add to.

Being with what’s here – emotions, discomfort, pain, exhilaration or whatever it is – is difficult if not impossible if there are beliefs behind or about what’s here, or if there is a strong charge around it. The beliefs or charge (velcro) tend to distract too much. Attention goes to where it’s needed, and that’s the knots which ask for (not really)…… attention, care, love, being seen as is, being felt as is.

If that’s the case, inquiry and love seems more helpful. Inquiring into the beliefs behind or triggering discomfort, unease, emotions or whatever it is, and the beliefs about what’s here (The Work). Or…. inquiry into the words and images associated with it (looking at them, asking some simple questions about them), and the sensations (taking time to feel them, asking simple questions about them). This makes it possible to see the words as words and images as images, and feel the sensations as sensations.

And finding love for what’s here. You are welcome here. Thank you for protecting me. Thank you for your love for me. What would satisfy you forever? What are you really? 

Inquiry makes it easier and more natural to find love for what’s here. We see its innocence, and that it is here to protect (the imagined) me. It comes from love. It is love.

Anything that’s here, and have been ignored or rejected (neither is really possible, but it may seem like it), wishes to be seen, felt, cared for, understood, loved. It’s just like an afraid child.

It’s very simple. It’s what we all wishes for, and long for. And these parts of us – and the world – are no different.

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