During the darkest phase of the dark night, there was a sense of going back to earlier periods of my life – all the way to infancy and before incarnation. Later, my system seemed to revisit childhood and teenage years. Memories, impulses, wounds, unlived wishes, all surfaced. Not surprisingly, I also acted on some of them – which sometimes was enjoyable (playful impulses), and sometimes painful for me and others (wounds, trauma).

For me, this has happened in the form of phases – of weeks or months or even years – where I have felt, and sometimes acted, like an infant, or child, or teenager. These days, I feel like I am in my late teens and early twenties. For others, I know that this may come in a gentler or less  all-consuming way.

In one sense, there is a regression any time we are caught in wounds, trauma, beliefs or identifications. We “go back” to when these dynamics were initially created. We feel, and sometimes act, as if we are five years old (or any other age when these dynamics initially were created).

Also, it seems that we can go back to earlier times in our own life as part of a healing process, or as part of a kundalini process.

And, really, there is no “regression” or going back in time. It’s all happening here and now, including any memories of the past, and any emotions, wounds, traumas, or unlived healthy impulses. Stories of regression can be a useful shorthand to communicate something, and it can also be misleading since it’s all here now.


initial notes….

– regression
— in a sense, any time we get caught in wounds/beliefs/identifications (back to when initially happened)
— also, in healing process, kundalini process, go back in age…. to what was wounded then, or unlived
— an invitation to meet, love, live it
— also, not regression, is alive here and now (not in the past or future, which cannot be found outside of ideas)


– regression
– body-mind goes back, revisits patterns from different ages, unhealed / unloved / unlived / unquestioned
– for me, back to before infancy, infancy, boy, teenagers
– now, teenager / twenty
– other people see it too, often quite obvious to them and me
– part of healing process (kundalini, dark night of the soul)


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