Our natural state

In a sense, our “natural state” is ongoing resting, looking, and kindness – towards our own experience, and (as part of that) ourselves, others, and the world. It’s what’s revealed when there is either “trancendence” of identifications and velcro, or a more thorough release of identification and velcro. (These qualities are more commonly here when there is a more thorough release, often through a longish period of working on it. A transcendence may reveal these qualities, but there may also be distractions – drama and flashiness – in a transcendence so they are less obvious.)

Identification here means identification with thought, and velcro means sensations that seem “stuck on” images and words lending them a sense of reality and solidity. They both refer, more or less, to the same.

Equally true, our other “natural state” is identification with thought, and velcro. It’s what most of us experience, to different degrees, every day. There may be a sudden transcendence of this, or a more thorough working through of it.

And really, our natural state is what’s here, as it is, whatever it is. That’s what’s natural here and now.

That’s why I don’t find the term very useful. It can mean what’s revealed when there is more clarity about who and what we are. It can mean what’s here when there is identification, and sometimes drama and suffering. It can mean what’s here, whatever it is.

All of these are equally natural. Equally much part of the human experience.

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