Immediate results vs ongoing practice

Maybe I am naive, but I often judge practices by their immediate results. If they don’t offer any, I tend to move on to something else.

It may be that I, in some cases, am missing out of longer term benefits. But I prefer to move on if I don’t see relatively quick results. There are enough practices that do offer immediate results, along with longer term deepening and more thorough shifts.

If I stayed with everything I tried that didn’t offer immediate results, it’s likely that I would stay with much that didn’t give longer term results either. Many of these are likely to be practices that, for one reason or another, are not compatible with where I am at in my process.

Tension and Trauma Release Exercises (TRE) is a good example of a practice that offers immediate results and a longer term deepening. During and following a TRE session, I often feel deeply relaxed and alert. And there is also a deepening over time. Tension is gradually released, over weeks, months, and years of ongoing practice. After all, it does take time to release a lifetime of built-up tension. It would be too much to release all at once. Better to take it slowly.

The same goes for heart centered practices, inquiry, and a body centered practice such as Breema. All offer immediate results, and an ongoing deepening over time through ongoing exploration and practice.


Initial draft…..

Are neurogenic tremors (Tension & Trauma Release Exercises, TRE) a quick fix?

Yes and no.

It’s a quick fix in the sense that TRE sessions are typically experienced as deeply relaxing. I feel relaxed, alert, and nurtured during and following a TRE session.

TRE is also not a quick fix. Tension is released gradually, so releasing a lifetime of built up tension may take a while. It may take months or years of gradual releasing, and gradual shifts.

It’s also an ongoing practice. It’s a part of daily life, as neurogenic tremors are for mammals in general. It doesn’t have an end point. It’s not something we do once or for a while and then are done with.

And that’s how it is for just about everything I write about here. These practices do offer something immediately. And for them to


Initial notes….. 

– quick fix since can be experienced as deeply relaxing, nurturing
– also not, since it may take time to release tension, one little bit at a time
– is a lifelong “practice”, just as it is for mammals in general, just part of life


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