He should know better

Research shows the people who score lower on intelligence tend to judge others based on what they are born into (gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion) while people who score higher tend to judge based on “they should know better”.

Is it true, they should know better? Let’s try a couple of examples.

Trump should know better. What are some examples of the reverse? He may be mislead by Fox News, Breitbart, and similar sources. He may do what he does as a conscious strategy or even an accidental strategy that has worked for him in the past. (To distract, appeal to reactive emotions etc.) He may act from a reckless personality. He may act from wounds and trauma. He may not be put together quite right from birth.

Trump supporters should know better. Again, they may be mislead by Fox News, Breitbart, Trump, friends, and family. They may be less informed. Their education may not be very good or thorough. They may agree with some or all of what he says, for whatever reason. They may think that what he says will reflect what he does. (In reality, he speaks as if he is for the “ordinary guy” while he is in it for himself and his wealthy friends.) From biology or experience, they may not be so interested in the big picture or in doing thorough research before making a decision. And they too may act from hurt and trauma.

I can find many reasons why they shouldn’t know better. There are infinite reasons for why they see the world and act the way they do. I can always find one more reason. In that sense, it’s the universe as a whole acting through them and as them.

That’s the case for me too. When I look at them and myself, I can find understanding and empathy by seeing these infinite causes. And at the same time, in the case of myself, I am also completely responsible for my own views and actions.


Initial notes….

  • he should know better
    • research: less intelligent judge based on characteristics people are born into, more intelligent judge based on “they should know better”
    • is it true, they should know better?
      • Trump – may be mislead by Fox News combined with (a) conscious strategy, (b) reckless personality
      • Trump supporters – mislead by Fox/Trump, acting on emotions, less informed, overwhelmed by other aspects of life,
      • Always infinite causes for our views/choices/actions + we are always responsible for them

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