Support Daniel Tapsell in becoming a Zen teacher

My friend and all-around good guy Daniel Tapsell is invited to become a Zen teacher. It costs quite a bit of money. If you want to support this good cause, please go to his gofundme page.

See more information there or below.

From Danny:

Advanced Zen Teacher Training convention this August 2018.

I didn’t expect to have an additional role in my 50s as UK representative for the Great Heart Sangha- as a lay Zen-monk whilst already working in the world and with even more responsibilities.

I have been asked by my Zen teacher whom I have studied with for the last 30+ years, now in his 70’s, Zen Master Genpo Roshi, to travel to Salt Lake City USA and Boulder Colorado in August and November 2018 in order to receive Tokudo (Buddhist commitment vows) in advance of receiving Shiho (Teacher commitment vows) later this year or next year in Boulder Colorado.

And what’s in it for you? 

In return for your support: emotional or financial-

Bucketfuls of good Karma and spadefuls of good merit for you!

And some pictures of me having my head shaved if you ask me for them!

And maybe priority booking at any future Zen meditation events or retreats I run.

The funds I’m hoping to be able to raise for the first visit are;

For return economy flights 1100£ -1300£


Monks attire and accoutrements 900£

(I know- its counterintuitive but it’s a lot of stuff!) Robes, bowls, meditation mats and cushions etc. See:

Budget Accommodation at the retreat and conference centre 460£ – 600£


Food (all meals), (and coffee) for the 9 – 10 days 180£

Donation to the Zen Center and teacher 900£

Training course for the conference 1800£

Sundries and emergencies (eg. Travel and accommodation Supplements taxis) 200£

Insurance 140£

Total: £5,700

I have saved up £1200 towards it myself.

Any contributions are welcome.

No pressure. *If you do give a financial donation please select 0% fees for yourself. 

Your emotional support is just fine too.


Link to go fund me

Twitter:   Follow @danieltapsell

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