Irrational emotions? No

Are emotions irrational? 

Not in my experience. They do their job perfectly. And that job is to follow our beliefs, including beliefs we may not realize we have, and conflicting beliefs. 

We can say that the emotions are always “rational” in that they do their job. It’s the beliefs that not always are so rational. Although they made perfect sense at the time our minds created them. They made perfect sense in that situation and with the inner and outer resources available to us. Since most of them were formed when we were children, they made perfect sense to our child self at the time. 

In that sense, even the beliefs are rational. Although they may not always appear to make sense to us and others now, in our current situation. 

How do we identify these beliefs? And how do we invite them to resolve so we can live in a way that makes more sense to us now? Inquiry – The Work or Living Inquiries – are effective ways to do this, although it does take intention, sincerity, work, and often patience. And the guidance of someone familiar with how to use them effectively. 


Initial notes….

  • Irrational emotions? No
    • emotions do their job perfectly
    • follow beliefs, including beliefs we may not realize we have, and conflicting beliefs 
    • (also, biochemistry, released of old conditioning etc.) 
    • in a sense, emotions are “rational” bc follow beliefs and conditioning, they reflect old survival patterns and coping strategies
    • the beliefs may not always be so rational, although they made perfect sense at the time they were made (in that situation, with the – inner/outer – resources and opportunities we had available) 
    • …..

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