The truth will set us free

and the truth will set you free

New Testament, John 8:32

This is true in many ways. 

It’s true in relationships, in society, and in terms of social justice and sustainability. We need the truth, and to be honest about it, for change to happen. 

It’s also true in healing. And, as Jesus referred to, it’s true in awakening. 

For emotional healing, we need the truth. Truth = reality, and consciously aligning more with reality = emotional healing. 

For awakening, we also need truth. Truth = reality, and awakening means to consciously align with reality. 

And then there is fear of truth. Most of us have a fear of truth to some extent, in some areas of life, for several different reasons. It’s important to honor this fear, and explore it with some gentleness, kindness, and curiosity. 

I have written about each of these more in depth in other articles so I’ll leave this article brief.  


Initial notes…..

  • The truth will set us free
    • in many different ways
      • relationships, society, social justice, sustainability
        • acknowledge the truth, as it looks to us, with kindness, as a confession (as Adya says) 
        • not speaking from reactivity, beliefs, defense etc. 
        • but from sincerity, this is how it is for me, 
      • including in our own healing and awakening
        • healing
        • awakening
    • fear of truth
      • …..


And then there is fear of truth. I imagine there is some fear of truth in most or all cultures. After all, culture means to adhere to norms, rules, and values. And truth sometimes shows us something else than these cultural norms, rules, and values. So any culture will, slightly or strongly, discourage truth, at least in some areas of life. Also, truth can rock the boat in other ways. It can disrupt our familiar self-images, beliefs, and what we have taken as a given in life. There are many reasons why most of us are – at least somewhat and in some areas of life – scared of truth. 

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