Behind the image of an enemy, a friend

Fear of discomfort is one of our greatest enemies in our quest to give our gift more fully.

I saw this sentence in an online article.

In a sense, it’s valid. When I get caught up in fears – or more precisely, when I believe fearful thoughts – it does stop me from living and offering my gifts more fully.

And it looks different when I take a closer look. This fear is here to protect me. It’s offering it’s services. It’s devoted to the image of me and it’s well being. It comes from love, and it is love. And the same goes for the beliefs creating this fear.

I notice it’s already allowed. It’s already allowed by life and mind. You are welcome here. 

I notice it’s function is to protect me. It’s devoted to me. It comes from love. It is love. Thank you for your devotion to me. Thank you for your love for me. 

I notice I have made it into an enemy in the past, and tried to push it away. How would you like me to be with you? 

I notice it – and I – have not been aware of it’s function. What is your deepest desire? What would satisfy you forever? 

I notice it – and I – have not been aware of what it really is. What are you really? (A thought would call it love. A thought would call it awakeness.)

First, there is an image of this fear as an enemy. A problem. Something to get rid of. Ignore. Fight. Go around.

Taking a closer look, it’s revealed as something quite different. I see it’s already allowed by life and mind. It’s function is to protect the image of a me and I. It’s devoted to me. It comes from love. It is love. It wishes me to meet it with respect, understanding, love. It’s deepest desire is (a) to be met with respect, understanding and love, and (b) a deep sense of trust and safety. And again taking a closer look, it’s revealed as love, and also as awakeness itself – the play of awakeness as this form a thought initially called fear.

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