Initial awakening phase: strong energies and lots of noticing

For a few years after the initial awakening (age 16 to mid-twenties), there was an experience of huge amounts of energy running through my system combined with an equal amount of insights and noticing. The essence of just about anything I write about here, and more, was first noticed and brought into awareness back then.

People sometimes talk about “downloads” as part of an awakening process. I understand why. In some ways, it feels like a download. The combination of huge energies and an enormous amount of insights can make it feel like something is downloaded. But that’s the mind’s interpretation.

It seems far more likely that there is a huge amount of noticing – and insights coming out of this noticing.

In terms of the energies running through my system, I thought of it back then as high voltage running through regular housing wires. It felt overwhelming in many ways. And it went along with seeing energies, ability to sense and heal at a distance, inspiration for art and music (I would see and hear it ready-made), and more. I also sensed my physical body – and anything physical – as space and light.

In terms of the noticing and insights, it would come so fast that I sometimes wasn’t able to write it all down. I would try to write down one or two sentences for each one throughout the day and also sometimes during the night.

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