“Supernatural” things that are part of my daily life

In an awakening and healing context, which these articles mostly are about, “supernatural” things are peripheral.

Some may support healing in a relatively obvious way. For instance, it can be helpful to see and otherwise sense energies in oneself or others. And distance healing can be very helpful.

The existence of these things suggests that the narrow materialistic view on the world is a bit incomplete.

And giving it too much attention can be distracting from what healing and awakening really is about.

That said, I’ll mention a few here, from my own daily life.

Seeing energies. During the initial awakening in my teens, I noticed I could see energies. First, I noticed it around leaves on a tree I was sitting under. Then around everything – inanimate objects, plants, animals, and the animal called humans. I met a woman two or three years later who also sees energies (she is a friend now), and we would sometimes sit and look at the energy around people and compare notes. For me, this has mostly been useful in seeing how awake someone is, for instance, anyone in the role of a spiritual teacher. Seeing energies in this way became commonplace for me a long time ago, although I also know that in our society, which has a mostly materialistic world view (matter and energy as described by science is all there is), it’s not.

Sensing at a distance. I have been able to sense at a distance, to some extent, and this has been immensely amplified and focused after I started with Vortex Healing. When I do healing for someone, it’s common to receive information about what I do healing for, and this turns out to be correct. I can sense the energy system, issues, what the healing does, and so on. At least, to some extent. And this can be trained through, for instance, modalities like Vortex Healing. (Not that there are any very much like it.) I have also innumerable and almost daily experiences of others in my life sensing what’s happening with me.

Healing at a distance. This is another thing that’s part of my daily life. During the initial awakening when I – this human self – was sixteen, I noticed I could not only see energies and sense at a distance, but also do healing at a distance. This is mostly a matter of connecting with who and what I am doing healing for, sensing, and inviting in healing. The divine does this healing, and “I” am just a channel for it. I am the one connecting and inviting it in. In reality, it’s the divine doing all of it and playing all of the roles. When I got into Vortex Healing, this too got amplified greatly and I found a community of fellow practitioners which has been very helpful.

Pendulum. A pendulum is a way to connect with our intuition or sensing. I learned to use one in my mid-twenties, and would compare notes with the person who showed me how (DT, another friend). When we independently asked questions about the same, we would get the same results. I still use it for some things, often connected with healing, although I do with without a physical pendulum now.

Ghosts. I have had some ghost experiences. The most interesting one was perhaps in San Francisco when I did house- and dog-sitting there. It was a small and modern apartment, and at night – after going to bed – I would hear sounds through the open door and from the kitchen just around the corner and just out of sight. I heard the faucet being turned on and the water running. The dog drinking water. The dog’s ball bouncing on the floor. When I walked out into the kitchen area, the sounds stopped. These were not sounds from the neighbors due to good sound insulation, and the sounds were clearly coming from the same space as I was in.

The dog would sit up and bark at the kitchen when this happened, which she never otherwise did. And all of the sounds were repeats from earlier in the day when I had used the faucet, played with the dog using the bouncing ball, and the dog had been drinking water. It seemed like a playful ghost or spirit, somehow. I did some research on the apartment building and found it was built on the place where the largest orphanage in San Francisco used to be, around a century ago. I don’t know if there was a connection. At the time, I had just started with Vortex Healing, so I asked a senior practitioner if she could work on the place. After two briefish sessions, these sounds stopped.

Synchronicities. Synchronicities are not really “supernatural” but I’ll include it anyway since it goes a bit outside of mainstream views on reality. In periods of my life, I have had an immense and ridiculous amount of synchronicities happening. To me, these are mainly a reminder of the oneness of life and existence. I see it mostly as movements within the larger whole expressing themselves in my own processes and reflected as synchronicities in my life.

One experience I especially remember is sitting on the tram in Oslo in my late teens, reading Jung’s book about synchronicities and some synchronicities he had around fish (writing about fish symbolism, a client with a fish dream, his wife cooking fish for dinner). As I read about it, someone sat down diagonally across from me and put down his plastic bag on the seat directly across from me. On it was a big drawing of a fish. It’s not, in itself, a very remarkable synchronicity, but it made a big impression on me since it was an early one, and I was completely absorbed in the story I read and what happened in my life matched it perfectly.

What we are. This is not also “supernatural” but I’ll include it anyway for the same reason as mentioned above. Most people assume they are, and we are, an object in the world. More precisely, this human self. It’s not wrong. But it’s also not the whole picture. I am also capacity for the world. I am that which my experiences happen within and as – including this human self and the wider world. Who I am is this human being in the world. What I am is awake capacity for it all. To me, all happens within and as what I am – which we can imperfectly and slightly misleadingly label consciousness.

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