What does awakening feel like?

The short answer is that it doesn’t feel like anything in particular.

We find ourselves as what we always have been, as capacity for the world – including all and any feelings.

Another answer is that it makes the world seem or feel like a dream.

Everything in a dream happens within and as consciousness. And when we find ourselves as what all our experiences happen within and as, it’s the same. We notice it all happens within and as what we are. In other words, in and as consciousness.

It was never any other way, it’s just that we now notice it. The world and a dream both happen within and as what we are, or within and as consciousness.

I am using the word “consciousness” because it makes the point I set out to make. Apart from that function, it’s not a very good word for what we are. Putting a label on it makes it sound like something we can grasp intellectually, and that’s not what this is about. It’s about direct noticing, and for that, an absence of labels is perhaps more helpful.

Some advocate using lucid dreaming to notice the consciousness-quality of dreams and then see if they can notice it in waking life. It may work well for some, although there are simpler and more direct approaches.

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