Adyashanti: Suffering is not wrong

Suffering is not wrong; it is suffering. The judgment is a purely human fabrication that we project onto life. Drop the judgment about suffering and there is Love. Love knows how to respond to every situation without going into division.

– Adyashanti, Sacred Inquiry

Suffering lives its own life. It comes and goes, as anything else.

It’s nature. It’s an expression of life, this universe, and existence.

It’s not wrong and it cannot be wrong. As Adya says, the idea of right and wrong and any judgment comes from our imagination. It’s imagined and placed on top of what’s happening. It’s a human-made fantasy we have collectively agreed on, and cannot be found outside of our images and ideas.

Without this, there is love. Without it, we respond to suffering as an animal. We notice it and allow the experience. There is a gentle acceptance and love here. And we can more easily access our inherent wisdom in how to practically respond to the suffering. There may be something we can do about what trigger or creates it, and we are more easily able to find it with this gentle love.

When we are caught up in the struggle, we get blinded by the struggle. We go into division where there is none.

And when we see what’s actually going on, and recognize our judgments as an expression of the creativity of our mind, there is this gentle love and acceptance, which opens for our inherent practical wisdom for how to respond to it.

There is no magic here, just a simple recognition of what’s going on and an opening to a little more allowing, kindness, and wisdom.

Another side to this is to find a yes to the no in us. We can find an embrace of the part of us that desperately wants it to be different. This part is very natural and childlike and it comes from a wish to protect us. It comes from love. Even the suffering is here to protect us and comes from love. They are both expressions of love. And that makes it easier for us to meet them both with gentle love.

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