What’s the relationship between the divine and the human?

What is the relationship between the divine and the human?

I saw an advertisement for a course on this topic, so I thought I would see what comes up for me around it.


Within stories, the answer can be simple.

All of existence is a seamless whole.

It’s all the play of the divine.

It’s the divine expressing, exploring, and experiencing itself in always new ways, including through and as you and me, our lives and experiences, and our culture and civilization.


In our direct experience, it can also be quite simple.

As consciousness, this human self and the wider world all happen within and as what I am.

To me, what I am forms itself into the experience of all of it.

Said another way, it’s all happening within my sense fields (sight, sound, taste, smell, sensations, mental representations), and those mental fields happen within and as what I am.

At the same time, there is a special relationship with this particular human self. It’s the only human self I receive “inside” information about in the form of senses and thoughts.


When it comes to our exploration process, it’s also simple and yet infinitely intricate.

A typical process is that our psyche is mainly formed within separation consciousness. (Especially noticeable with our hangups, traumas, and issues.) The oneness we are then notices itself, creates a habit of continuing to notice itself, and explores how to live from this noticing. And our human self inevitably transforms within that noticing so more of its psyche is aligned with oneness.

And that last part is not always an easy process. It can be overwhelming, confusing, messy, and scary, and more so the more trauma our human self has.

Whatever in us that’s still operating from separation consciousness comes to the surface so it can align with a more conscious noticing of oneness.

It’s inevitable. So it makes sense for us to consciously join in with that process, and support it as best we can.

Since our knots are universal with a personal flavor, the unknotting is universal with a personal flavor.

It typically involves a combination of shifting our relationship to our experience, including what our personality likes the least. And finding healing for our issues and trauma.

And that process can be supported through a combination of heart-centered practices, inquiry, therapy, mindful movement, relationship work, social engagement, and more.


  • divine & human
    • in the world and stories
      • part of same whole, all is the play of the divine
    • in direct noticing
      • any content of experience happens within and as what I am
      • all happens within and as consciousness
      • anything labeled human, anything labeled divine
      • also, special relationship with this particular human self
    • in exploration process
      • who and what I am
      • allow who to be transformed within what, support that process, (will happen anyway, so may as well join in with it)

  • Who and what is part of the same whole 
    • Human is divine / divine is human 
    • All expressions of existence
    • To me, all happens within and as what I am, happens within and as consciousness 
    • Is what I am taking the form of any experience, including of this human self 

For me, it’s never been a big topic, although some of the intricacies can be interesting.


It’s never been a big topic for me in a more abstract sense, but I am very interested in how the dynamics between the two unfold in an exploration process.


It’s never been a very important topic for me in an abstract sense, but I am interested in the interplay between the two (which are one) and how it unfolds in an exploration process. I had to become interested in it since it happened anyway.


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