I am not this body?

Some folks like to say: I am not this body.

I imagine why they say it. They may want to make a point, and it can be meant as a pointer. But it can also be misleading.

To me, it’s more accurate to say that I am not most fundamentally anything within the content of experience, including this body. I am more fundamentally what it all happens within and as. I am what it all comes and goes within and as.

And it is also accurate to say I am this body in a couple of different ways.

In a conventional and pragmatic sense, I am this body. That’s what my passport says. It’s what most people see me as. And that’s completely fine.

I am also this whole field of experience, including this body. What I am forms itself into its own content of experience, including this body and the wider world. I am all of it while it’s here.

There is some validity to each of these views and many more.

Image by me and Midjourney.


I am not the body? 

  • I am not most fundamentally this body or anything in particular within content of experience
  • And yet, am also this body
    • In a conventional sense, passport, how others see me, is not wrong
    • And I am all content of experience, including of this body 

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