Terrence McKenna: The apocalypse has arrived in major portions of the planet

Yes, the apocalypse is already happening for billions of beings around the world. It’s happening for most species. It’s happening for a huge number of individuals from most species. It’s happening for big portions of humanity, including all those with no clean water, not enough food, and limited resources to deal with increasingly extreme weather.

If the acopalypse seems in the future, it’s because of privilege and insulation.

So what’s the solution? What can I do?

I can open myself to what’s happening. I can allow myself to feel whatever comes up in me around it – which may first be a good deal of grief, anger, hopelessness and similar. What also comes up are visions of how it can be, and wanting to be engaged and be a part of creating the world I want to live in.

I can do simple things in my own life: Find likeminded people. Learn about the situations and the many solutions. Explore good examples of how we can live in a more life-centered way. See what I can do practically, maybe growing wildflowers, making a wild garden, eating local and organic, and so on.

I can realize that all of his is my world. The world as it appears to me is my world. How do I relate to it? How do I interpret it? How do I see myself in relation to it? What is more true for me? What are some more wise, kind, and helpful stories?

How is it to notice that the world, as it appears to me, is happening within my own sense fields? That it’s happening within and as the consciousness I am?

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