What’s the personal in rewilding and regeneration?

I watched the trailer for Wilding, a documentary about a rewilding and regeneration project in England, and I found myself very moved watching it.

Why? Because there is something very personal in rewilding and regeneration.

We have our own regeneration project in the Andes so that makes it personal for me, but that’s not what it is about.

When I see the beaver being released, I can vividly imagine myself in his or her place. Being captured, scared for my life, released into an unfamiliar place, and hopefully making a life for myself there.

I imagine myself in the lives of the millions of beings living their lives in this new wilderness. That is profoundly moving.

I am a part of this living system we call Earth. I have grown out of it like like anything else. I am part of this seamless whole. What happens with Earth is deeply personal. I am the Earth grieving itself, I am the Earth wishing the best for itself, I am the Earth regenerating itself on that little piece of land in the Andes.

Rewilding happens within me in two different ways.

It mirrors something in me. I am in need of regeneration and rewilding. I am harmed by certain aspects of our civilization, just like Earth is. Parts of me have been made into a monoculture. Parts of me have lost the natural and mature lushness, aliveness, and vibrancy of a healthy ecosystem, or never was able to develop it.

My world happens within me. It happens within my sense fields – sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, and so on. It happens within and as the consciousness I am. What I am forms itself into it.

It’s good to notice how something – anything – that we are drawn to, moved by, or engaged in is personal. If we are moved by it, if we are even curious about it, it’s because there is something deeply personal there.

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