Still Early

When we look at the evolution of the universe and the earth, the path ahead appears endless (at least until the physical conditions for this particular form of life is not there anymore). Today, we see the Earth becoming aware of itself through some of its part, in the form of numerous local awareness centers – each experiencing the Earth in fragments. Some awareness organs are beginning to experience the Earth as one whole, and from here can tap into the Big Mind view – beyond dualities altogether.

If more local awareness organs (humans, in this phase of the evolution of the earth) awaken to an experience of the Earth as one whole, it will have profound effects for how we live our lives as individuals and organize ourselves socially. If more of us go beyond this to awaken to an experience of all inner/outer phenomena as a fluid whole, that will only deepen the effect.

If this happens, we can expect to see forms of social organization quite different from anything we have seen so far, and it will always develop and change – depending on the inner (views of the individuals) and outer (socioecological factors) situation.

The earth becomes aware of itself as a whole, through more of its local awareness organs, which profoundly impacts how these behave. There will be no lack of challenges, but they will be related and responded to in a different way.

Some of the early manifestations of these new ways of organizing ourselves comes out those taking a second-tier, integral and/or systems approach. Some examples are the work of Ken Wilber and the Integral Institute, Fritjof Capra, Elisabeth Satouris, and generally in systems theories and processes/formats that facilitates collective/collaborative intelligence.

The Big Mind view appears universally available and the same independent of particular circumstances. Any awareness organ in the universe can be expected to be able to access the same Big Mind, to experience the absolute and the relative and the interactions between the two.

Awareness is inherently independent of duality/transduality, but can function in either of those ways. When awareness is identified with its content, if tends to function in a dualistic way (and attached to whatever sensations, emotions, thoughts come up). When it awakens to itself as distinct from its content, it tends to function in a more transdual way (more of a sense of overview, perspective – and space to relate to the inner/outer situation with more clarity, choice.

At the same time, how this is manifested and lived changes profoundly dependent on the particular physical, biological, personal, social, ecological circumstances. And there is no end to this process. It can always deepen, it will always change depending on changing circumstances. It is a continious process, as long as there is a universe and awareness organs around.

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  1. I would like to say your post is very intelligent and well put. I posted something simaler on my blog in a post i called “is consciousness the new evolutionary drive”

    You said it much better than i, in fact i’m gonna need to read your post again to take it all in. I just find it interesting how people can kinda tap into the same wave… it’s almost like the thoughts might be thinking us 🙂

  2. oh one other thing… i just wanted to point this out just in case no one else has… it’s to large for my screen, could just be my settings, but others may be experiencing that too…or for all i know it could be on purpose, but there’s some text in the top left i can’t read


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