In Breema and other practices, there is an emphasis on being present through bringing attention to the breath, the weight of the body, the posture, facial expression, sounds, etc. This is one aspect of being present – to bring the awareness and attention to that which is occuring in the outer world right here/now.

The other side of the coin is that Existence is always present right here/now. This awareness – in whatever it is doing – is always in the present. This awareness, whether it is focused on anything outer or on memories, visions of the future, etc., is always in the now. There is nothing to try, nothing to achieve. Just this little shift of noticing is enough.

The two views are obviously quite similar, although there is a subtle difference.

One has the quality of effort, of trying to be present. The other is just noticing what already is. One tries to create something. The other peels something away and reveals what is.

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