Translucent Revolution mentions a phenomenon I have explored over the last few months: When we allow our stories about an experience to drop, it is allowed to unfold more fluidly – to move into something else. Of course, everything always does, although now with less or no resistance.

When we attach to a story – I am angry, I am sad, I feel terrible because of what I ate last night – there is automatically resistance to our experiences. We are caught up in a thought rather than just being with what is in the present. We resist whatever does not fit with the story, and if we don’t like what the story tells us – we resist that which does fit as well.

If I tell myself that I am blissful, I will resist any aspects of my field of experiences that does not fit – such as a slight irritability, heaviness, tiredness, etc.

If I tell myself I am angry, I will resist any sense of connection with the person the story tells me triggered the anger.

If I tell myself I am sick because what I ate last night, I will resist the support that is there – anything that makes it easier for me to keep going at what I would like to do.

When I allow the story to drop, there is just the experience – free to flow and change.

Earlier tonight, I received a Breema sequence and noticed a sensation/emotion come up. First, I gave it a label and thus a story, and I noticed the resistance and discomfort coming right away. I allowed the label to drop, and the experience changed – to something I couldn’t easily put a label on even if I wanted (I did try just for curiosity’s sake). It was neither pleasant or unpleasant, just interesting – and a support in being present.

Two aids for allowing this to unfold are described by Rapahel Cushnir and Byron Katie. Cushnir’s technique is to ask oneself Can I be with what I am experiencing right now? Katie’s is the four questions and the turnaround, allowing the belief/thought to drop us. Together, they have eased me into a new sense of freedom and fullness of experience and taste of life.

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