Path into Big Mind

A comment on the Integral Naked forum helped me see another way into Big Mind.

Wherever I am, I can notice that this mind is containing everything I sense right now.

My mind allows the sensations of this small self and the surroundings to arise freely, the sounds of the sikadas, the smells of the trees and the flowers, the sound and sight of the cars going by, the sensation of the ground under my feet, the sight of the clouds and the stars above.

And to allow myself to experience Big Mind more vividly, I can also see that this mind encompasses the sources of those sensations as well. It encompasses the sikadas, the trees and the flowers, the cars, the ground, the clouds and the stars. Whatever appears, appears within this Big Mind – embracing all phenomena and all polarities.

This is partly a technique to experience mind as transdual and space without boundaries.

And it is partly accurate. This mind – this space & awareness – is a peninsula of the mind (God, Buddha Mind) in which all phenomena unfold. The universe is consciousness, and I am that consciousness. Even when I experience this consciousness as mostly local and focused on this small self, it is still not separate from the largest whole – that in which all phenomena unfolds.

What I experience as this space & awareness in which the experiences of this small self unfolds, is an emissary of that space & awareness in which all phenomena unfolds. It is a drop in the ocean, but still the same ocean.

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