Flip Flops

Life naturally and fluidly changes from expressing itself in any possible way, beyond and embracing any and all polarities. At one time, one end of a particular polarity is expressed more clearly, and at other times the other end of the polarity.

And this is also the case for our experienes – they fluidly, and on their own, shift from one end of a polarity to the other and back, fluidly and richly. Of course, we may like it or not, but it still happens on its own. To resist it is about as effective as resisting the clouds passing overhead through the sky (if we could even figure out how).

At the same time, it appears that when we attach to a certain experience, its reversal comes up more quickly and strongly. I actually don’t know if this is just a convincing appearance, or if there is something to it. In my life, it certainly seems to be this way.

If this is the case, then the quickest way to awakening (even enlightenment) would be to attach to being non-awakened. To take pride in being non-awakened, and/or to even deny the existence of any form of awakening. This is all there is.

And the interesting thing here is that this is indeed an approach to awakening, and one that appears to be quite direct as well. This is all there is. There is nothing to seek. Nowhere to go. There is no escape. Everything is as it is, and perfect as it is.

In the first case, there is a fluidity within the content of experiences. But in the case of awakening, it is not dependent on the content of the experiences in quite the same way. It is Existence experiencing itself as (a) pure awareness and then (b) as what is happening in the present. It can maybe be said to be Existence bringing itself into awareness in a more complete way.

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