The Three, Two, One, Zero Relationships With God

I keep coming back to the wonderful fluidity among our third, second, first and zero person relationships with God, Big Mind, Spirit, Existence.

In my third person relationship with God, I talk about God (beyond and including all polarities).

In my second person relationship with God, I am a human being relating to the rest of Existence – through for instance prayer. This awakens and deepens a wonderful sense of gratitude, humility, joy and compassion. I am a vessel through with Big Mind/Heart and God can express itself, in various degrees of awareness of itself (awakened) or not (deluded). Here, I have all the flaws of any human being.

In my first person relationship with God, I find myself as Big Mind/Heart. I am this formless awareness within which the world of phenomena arises and unfolds. Here also, the human self is just a vehicle. I can find myself in this first person relationship through sitting practice (shikantaza among others) and various forms of inquiry.

In my zero person relationship with God, there is no “I” anywhere in all of this, which gives me a freedom to take on and play with all of the three other relationships with God. There is a tremendous freedom and fluidity in this, moving among all the various perspectives. Allowing them to come and go as guests, and fully explore and live each one as they arise.

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