Coffee Shop

Yesterday late afternoon, I went for a walk along the river and had a cup of tea at a coffee shop, waiting for my partner to be finished with her last client. There was quite a traffic at the coffee shop, and an older couple sat down next to me.

From habit, there was a slight contraction of identity – from the wide open field to a more narrow and exclusive view centered on this human self. Now, there was suddenly an “I” as a particular human self, and an “other” as these people sitting down next to me, with characteristics which were opposite to “me”.

They had a sense of contraction and agitation about them, which triggered a wish to not include that, which in turn created a split in the field into “I” and “them”, which meant that there was now a great deal of contraction and agitation right here! I didn’t want to see that I am indeed that contraction and agitation over there, so I went into a process where I saw clearly that the contraction and agitation is right here. I was forced to see it as myself – as both Big Mind and this human self- either way.

I could see this contraction into a narrow identity unfolding, and also how it is a fabrication. From being this field and appreciating whatever happens, I now split it up into “I” and “other”, and create a sense of drama and discomfort out of it.

And just by seeing that, and being somewhat familiar with the field, there was an expansion out as the field again. Now, fully seeing the contraction and agitation as me as well, whether it arises in other human selves or this human self.

As Big Mind, as this space & awareness full of the world, I am whatever arises – including contraction and agitation. And as this human self, I do indeed have and know this contraction and agitation, and seeing it in other human selves reminds me that it is right here as much as over there.

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