Fascination is one way God explores itself, one way it brings itself into awareness through humans.

In the language of the universe story, it is the fascination of the Universe with itself – one way it brings itself into awareness through its local awareness organs called humans.

In our current global human culture, there is a widespread fascination with TV, movies and the internet. Billions of people spend hours daily exploring the rest of the world through these media.

And these are all ways God explores and manifests itself. These are all ways the Universe explores and brings itself into awareness.

God brings various aspects of itself into awareness, and in a far richer way due to the many different lenses of various people. The Universe has differentiated itself into the rich ecological and human systems of Earth, and brings this differentiation into awareness through its varied and rich filters of the billions of humans alive today. And these varied lenses and filters are beautifully formed through biology, culture and individual experiences.

A limited set of aspects of the infinite richness of Earth and the Universe is explored through global media, and these are in turn filtered through the innumerable filters of human beings. Combined, it gives God and/or the Universe an even richer experience of itself.

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