Growing and waking up, and reasons for practice

Just to summarize the previous post…

To me, right now at least, it seems helpful to differentiate practice aimed at growing up (healing/maturing) and waking up (to what we are).

If my motivation and intention is to reduce suffering and find happiness – to get/compensate for/escape from something – it seems appropriate to emphasize a practice aimed at healing and maturing, finding my wholeness as who I am, this human self.

And if my motivation is truth and love –  a quiet curiosity or love of existence – it makes more sense to aim at waking up, inviting what I am to notice itself. (And also working at maturing which aids awakening, and helps it be expressed in a more fluid way.)

It can be helpful to sincerely investigate and clarify our real motivation. Although in real life, it doesn’t necessarily make that much difference, especially if we use tools that work simultaneously at both levels. The ones that help us grow up, and invite in a waking up as well.


Some of the tools may be the exact same in either case, but the intention and emphasis is slightly different. We also go a little further in the second case, inquiring into the core belief of an I with an Other.

And if I start with one, I may well find an interest in the other after a while.

Of course, we first have to be clear about our motivation and be honest with ourselves about it. Our motivation may be to get/compensate for something, at our human level, so it seems that practicing for waking up will do that for us. It will be the ultimate self-improvement project, as someone called it. But the truth is, if it happens, we’ll get nothing from it. And if it appears that we get something from the practice before such as shift, that happens on the human level.

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