Asking for it

A couple of weeks ago, I set the intention for whatever has not been seen/felt/loved yet to surface. (Knots, beliefs, emotional attachments.) Whenever I do so, I get a few weeks of amazing intensity – usually involved many nights with hardly any sleep.

It is good. And I also see the intelligence inherent in the process. It backs off a little when daily life requires my attention, and turns up the volume when space opens up – mostly at night! And if I ask for the volume to be turned down for a few days, that happens as well.

It is a beautiful process, although certainly not always pleasant. Even in the midst of recognizing all as awakeness itself, as the play of the infinite, there is a great deal of intensity and sometimes contraction. As always, to the extent it is resisted – and that happens at times, it is uncomfortable.

There is a lot of stuff here that wants to be seen/felt/loved. And although it is personal in that it happens here and is flavored by the particulars of this life, it is not really personal. It all has infinite causes, including many streams throughout culture and history. What wants to be seen/felt/loved are patterns shared by all animals, humans, and people in my particular culture and family. And it wants to be seen/felt/loved in exactly the ways it shows up in this particular life.

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