Edge effect

It is fun for me to hang out at the edge of confusion and reality. It is a rich place.

Sometimes, reality shifts into the foreground. If its volume is high, it is clear that I am that which experience happens within and as, and sometimes any sense of a separate I falls away. When the volume is lower, I can still notice all as awake no thing appearing as something, including this sense of a separate I located in/around the head area.

Other times, confusion is more in the foreground. I get caught up in stories, take them as true for a while, work with inquiry and/or allowing experience, and so on.

And altogether, it is a very rich place. I get to see the shifts from one to the other. I get to explore some of the characteristics and dynamics of both and the shifts.

But at some point, there is a readiness for reality to take over. I am honestly not sure if I am there yet, but I am ready for inviting it in.

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