Again, maybe quite basic, but what my interest is drawn to….

Intelligence is always here. Wordless. Awake. Responsive. 

When it functions within the context of stories taken as true, it is limited by these stories. It is bound by stories taken as true. 

And when there is a recognition of the nature of stories – that they are mental field overlays, none of them having any real truth to them, the grain of truth in any story and its reversals, stories having practical and temporary value only – then intelligence is free to use these stories as tools. It is free to hold them lightly, as tools and guidelines for actions depending on what seems most helpful in any particular situation. With receptivity. Within the context of don’t know. Curiosity. 

The same intelligence is there. In one case, it is hemmed in by stories taken as true, and acted upon as if they are true. In the other case, it is free to use and recognize stories as tools.

There is nothing mystical or hidden about this. We all know it from everyday experience. 

I am hungry. I believe a story of an empty pantry, or at least empty of what I’d like to eat, so either stay hungry or go to the store. If I recognize that I don’t know, I may take a look at what is in the pantry, be curious about how I can use it in a way that is interesting to me, and create a good meal from what I have. Or I may take a look, explore what is there with curiosity, and then decide to go to the store. In either case, instead of a fixed view and limiting options for myself, there is receptivity and curiosity there, within the context of don’t know. 

I have a house project and believe a story that I have to do it myself, so feel bogged down and may do it reluctantly. If I recognize that I don’t know, I may explore other options. Maybe I have friends who would be happy to help? Maybe I could invite friends to help and offer them a great dinner afterwards. Maybe I could organize a group of people who went to each other’s houses once a month, worked on a project for a few hours, and then had a potluck. Maybe I could hire somebody to do it for me, or we could do it together. When I come from curiosity and don’t know, the possibilities are endless and there is a sense of adventure and ligthness around it. 

Footnote: When there is identification with stories, and they are taken as true, it is easy for intelligence and stories to appear identical. Intelligence may be seen as coming from stories, a product of the dynamics of stories. When identification is released out of stories, there is a clearer distinction between intelligence and stories. Intelligence is recognized as worldless, awake and responsive, playing with stories only as a temporary guidelines for actions in the world. 


Initial outline…

  • intelligence
    • when take stories as true, confined by these stories
    • when see stories as stories, free to find the grain of truth in each, see them as having limited practical value only, and chose stories as guidelines for action out of what seems most helpful in any particular situation

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