Island practice and fear practice

My main practice these days is island practice and fear practice.

I notice islands of density, of contraction, identification with viewpoints and images. Then a shift into allowing them as they are, and as if they would never change, and with heart and kindness. And then noticing what they really are. How do they show up in the sense fields? Is it really what it appears to be? Is it solid? Substantial? Lasting? When I bring attention to them, can any label easily be put on it? Is it anything else than awareness itself, awake no-thing appearing as something?

And I can explore it further. What happens when there is identification with them? What happens if it is recognized as inherently free from a separate I? What is that identification? Is it anything else than a story taken as true? What happens when that is recognized?

A related practice is to notice the fear behind any island of density. Whenever there is a contraction, an identification with a viewpoint or image, is there fear behind it? What happens if I embrace that fear, as it is, as if it would never change, with heart and kindness? What happens if I resist it? Is that when identification with a viewpoint happens? Is that when there is the seeking after ground? After creating a separate I located in space? Is that when a sense of time is created? Is that when this image of a separate I tries to find solid ground to stand on, created by taking (another) story or image as true?

How does that fear appear in each sense field? Is it anything other than awareness itself, awake no-thing appearing as something? Is it really something I can easily put the label fear on? Is it substantial? Solid? Lasting?

And going further: What is resistance? Is it attention going a certain place, either to or away from what appears to be resisted? What is resistance outside of the label? What is the sensation component? Is that solid? Substantial? Lasting? Even when there is the appearance of resistance, is anything really resisted? What is it that is already allowing it all, including the resistance?

Is there anything wrong with any of this, no matter how it plays itself out? Is there anything wrong with any of this, outside of a story telling me it is (or isn’t)?

Is all of this content of experience? Does it come and go? (Including the sense of a doer, observer.) Is there anything wrong with it all coming and going?

Am I content of experience? Am I what is coming and going?

What is not coming and going?



  • island practice and fear practice
    • notice islands of density, embrace + notice what they really are
    • notice fear behind contractions/islands of density, embrace that fear + notice what really are (often very low volume, a slight murmuring)

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