I enjoy watching the Winter Olympics, especially sitting in my little log cabin with thick snow-drifts outside, a warm wood stove, and hot cocoa. It is entertaining, with all the drama, joy, disappointment, mishaps, unfair conditions, generosity, and suspicions of doping. It all belongs to the Olympics, and it is the reason why we (some of us) find it so entertaining.

It is also a great opportunity to notice a few things about myself.

Who or what is it that gives me joy? For me, it is when people show old-fashioned sportsmanship. Helps opponents in different ways. Are genuinely happy for the success of others. When the underdogs do well. When outsiders do well. I find joy in the happiness of those who do well. I find joy when the athletes are obviously enjoying themselves and are having fun. When I see beautiful winter landscapes. When something is done with skills, simplicity, and elegance. When the commentators show generosity towards athletes from other countries, are happy on their behalf, express sympathy when they don’t do well.

Who or what is it that I dislike or complain about? I complain (in my own mind) when people take it too seriously. When they don’t recognize that the Olympics is all about entertainment, and that everything happening – including unfair conditions, mishaps, possible doping, accidents, and working to prevent all of those – is part of the entertainment. I dislike it when money plays too much of a role. I dislike unfair play. I dislike it when the organizers disown their responsibility in preventable accidents. I feel a hint of dislike when the Norwegians are beat (that one is the most difficult for me to admit), and especially if they don’t do well in general.

When I go through the list of what I enjoy, can I find each of those in myself? Can I find specific examples of when I do the same? How does it feel when I allow it to sink in?

And the same for the list of what I dislike. Can I find each of those in myself, with specific examples? How does it feel when I allow it to sink in? Is there a relief in admitting to myself that, yes, I do that too?

For instance, can I find when I cheat for my own benefit? I can find specific examples of times when I have done that in my life. And also, whenever I take a story as true, I cheat.

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