A quick note on prayer.

I continue to return to the simplest forms of prayer.

It can be wordless as in “just sitting” or shikantaza, or wordless with a more active shift into receptivity, humility, gratitude, or compassion.

I may ask for guidance, receptivity, healing, maturing for myself or others.

I may use a more formal practice such as the heart/Jesus prayer (with the breath and heart beat) or the Christ meditation (visualizing Christ in the six directions and my heart).

And it happens within the context of Your Will Be Done.

I may also notice the second person dynamic in most of these practices, how the appearance of I and Other is created, how it appears in the sense field. Often, there may be a partial attention on this out of appreciation and curiosity.

I may notice the 1st and zero person relationship as well, that it all happens within the play of awareness, the “I” of the field of experience without an other (1st person), or Ground (zero person).

And later on, as right now, I may explore it through a 3rd person relationship, as an “it” I reflect on with curiosity.

Is prayer the privilege of the ones who prefer a 2nd person relationship with God? Of course not. Prayer can have a profound effect on this human self no matter what. And it can be interesting and illuminating to explore how the appearances of I and Other are created in the sense fields, and how the appearances of the effects of prayer appear in the sense fields.


  • prayer
    • simple, innocent, receptivity – alive presence
      • worldess, either just presence (shikantaza) or shifting into receptivity, humility, gratitude, compassion etc.
      • or ask for guidance, receptivity, healing/maturing for self/others
      • or presence, receptivity, and images
      • w/in context of your will be done
    • then also, noticing….
      • notice 2nd person dynamic, how is created, how appears in the sense fields (partial attention, curiosity)
      • notice 1st/o person – play, ground
      • afterwards, may explore as 3rd person (it)


– perspectives
— 2nd, often most in foreground in prayer
— 1st, all as I (I w/out other), recognize all as play of awareness, recognize how the appearance of I-Other is created
— 0, no thing, wordless mystery
— 3rd, explore in this way, through words, as an it, helpful, helps organize
— facets, each one shifts in being more in foreground or background, each one offer something valuable, unique


– prayer
— notice the appearance of I, how created (I-other, past, future, present, the world)
— intention, invitation, receptivity
— also, notice resistance, beliefs holding back etc. (covering up heart/mind)
— (and may notice the brightening of the energy system, a temporary shift not good or bad or itself, a play of awareness)

– teachings, a pointer, invitation to exploration
— pragmatic value only, valid or not depending on how look at it + the situation, if seems helpful here now
— e.g. prayer will give backlash b/c set up I-Other duality – yes, if taken as real, solid, substantial, but not if the dynamics behind those appearances are recognized, then valuable exploration/noticing
— (also, if subscribe to the medical model, of course I do, it is useful in many situations, but that too is just pragmatic, just a map of temporary and limited value)

– depending on specifics of they prayer
—  heart centered, shift into kindness/empathy, all inclusive
— receptivity
— temporary brightening of energy, fire on top of head etc.

– more everyday level, if/to the extent identified as a me
— humility, reminder of infinitely small human self vs. infinitely larger world, innumerable causes etc.
— opening up for something larger, w. awe, humility, receptivity

– intention
— clarify/set intention, realign

– types of prayer
— heart prayer
— christ meditation
— pray for guidance, insight, open heart, healing, maturing, being of service, the well being of self/others etc.
— let your will be done

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