Dreams: Being each one, and dissolving

In succession, I am each of the groups of people in Japan – the workers at the nuclear plant, the owners of the plant, the people displaced by the tsunami, people as they are killed in the tsunami, the rest of the people in Japan, the land quaking and the ocean rising as a tsunami.

Bombs are dropped over Libya, and as they hit the target, the bombs and the target and everything else dissolves.

These are semi-awake “dreams” happening as I fall asleep in the evening. The Japan dream some nights ago, and the Libya dream tonight.

In the Japan dream, I am each person in turn, experiencing what (a part of me imagine) they experienced from the inside, while also knowing I am the field of experience.

In the Libya dream, there is a sense of it dissolving because it is all recognized as mind-made, as appearances within and as awareness and capacity for what’s happening.

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